Stage 4

“All staff and patients need to wear a mask while at the clinic, unless they have an exemption.

The reason we ask your vaccine status is so that we can be prepared to offer you our excellent service.

COVID and Bowmont Medical.


Vaccine Exemption:

Unfortunately the pandemic is not over.  Vaccination rates in our community, while increasing at promising rates, are not sufficient to protect us from a local outbreak. As a clinic, we need to exercise the precautionary principle, making sure we keep the safety of our staff and patients at the forefront.  We have children, unvaccinated or partially vaccinated teens and adults, and immunocompromised patients attending our clinic on a daily basis. As long as there are active COVID-19 cases in our community, their safety must be our main priority while they are receiving care in our clinic.

The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) is recommending a 75% fully vaccinated rate before removing indoor masking mandates.

Therefore indoor masking will remain mandatory in our clinic spaces until:

 100% of our clinic staff are fully vaccinated (2 doses + 2 weeks)
 There are zero active cases in The City of Calgary, and
 Calgary has reached the threshold of 75% of eligible people fully vaccinated with two doses (as per the COVID-19 website we are over halfway there currently at 38.1%

If a patient does not wish to wear a mask in the clinic they will still be assessed, initially by phone, to see if their needs can be met with a virtual appointment. The doctor assessing them can then decide and arrange where and how to see them (in their car, an isolation room etc)

We thank all staff and patients for their efforts as we continue our pandemic journey and work toward normal life for all Albertans.