Bowmont Travel Clinic continues to offer travel services

and welcomes new patients to join our clinic for all
present and future travel services.

We Vaccinate - Immunize Everyone!

Full range of services for adults and Children!

Yellow Fever

We are a Designated Vaccination
Center. Vaccines Now Available

Shingles Vaccine Available!

We are a Designated Vaccination
Center. Vaccines Now Available

Get Ready for your Trip!

We have Doctors, Nurses &
Pharmacists to help with your
Post & Pre-Travel Care!

Travel Consultation & Boosters

Appointments Available. Appointments
are approx. 40 minutes.

Walk-ins Available for Boosters

For Travel Consults, we are able to
accommodate appointments on Short Notice

Vaccine Health

We vaccinate everyone - including children! Our clinic provides children vaccines including children under 5 years old!  Whether you have never been vaccinated


When was your last dose of pneumococcal vaccine? Make sure you are protected against pneumonia, come get your Prevnar 20 vaccine. Use of

COVID-19 Vaccines

We have Covid Vaccines  - Bivalent (Moderna) is here. Please call 403-247-0787 or email to secure an appointment.