Health Plan DIN #s

If you have a health plan that pays for prescription drugs, vaccines and antimalarial drugs may be covered.

We do not have access to the databases and card readers to check this in our Clinic but we suggest you call your plan and ask them if vaccines are covered. They may ask for the DIN number of the vaccine. We have provided the DIN numbers of most of the vaccines and expensive antimalarial drugs below.

If your plan covers vaccines you can submit the official receipt we give you in the clinic and be reimbursed for whatever percentage you are covered for. We give prescriptions for the malaria drugs which you buy in a pharmacy.

It is worth checking before you come in to the clinic, since the choice of antimalarial drug and vaccines sometimes depends on what you can afford.

Hepatitis A 02237792 Typhoid 02130955
Hepatitis A Jr. 02231056 Dukoral 02247208
Hepatitis B 01919431 TD Pertussis 02240255
Hepatitis B Jr. 02296454 Measles/Mumps/Rubella 00466085
Twinrix 02230578 Vivaxim 02248361
Twinrix Jr. 02237548 Shingles 02375516
Japanese Encephalitis 02333279 Gardasil 9 02437058
Yellow Fever 00428833 Bexsero 02417030
Meningitis 02279924 TD Polio 00615358
Polio 01959042 Adacel Polio 02352044
Rabies 01908286 Shingrix 02468425
Tetanus Diptheria 00514462 Prevnar 13 02335204
Prevnar 20 02527049