Frequently Asked Questions

What vaccines do I need?
Not everyone gets the same vaccines. Often vaccines are recommended based on the itinerary, medical history, past vaccines, or style of travel. Travel consults are individually based.

When should I book my appointment?
We suggest you book your travel consult 6 weeks in advance. Some vaccines require multiple injections to complete. If you need a last minute appointment there are vaccines that can be given last minute and may offer protection.

Are vaccines covered by Alberta Health Care?
Unfortunately your travel consult and vaccines are not covered by Alberta Health.
Please see fee section.replica watch bands

Where can I obtain my childhood vaccine records?
You may be able to obtain a copy of past vaccine records by calling 403-214-3641.

How do I book a follow up booster?
Call 403-247-0787 or email travel@bowmont.ca.
Boosters cannot be booked on line.
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