Japanese Encephalitis

19 JUN 17

Japanese Encephalitis (JE) is a serious infection caused by a virus which can result in death or neurological sequela. It occurs in certain rural parts of Asia. Encephalitis means swelling of the brain. Japanese Encephalitis spreads through the bite of infected mosquitoes, but it cannot spread directly from one person to another. As with any disease transmitted by mosquitoes, you can prevent exposure to the Japanese Encephalitis virus by:

  • Remaining in well-screened areas.Wearing clothes that cover most of the body
  • Using an effective insect repellent, such as those containing up to 30% N,N-diethyl metatoluamide (DEET) on skin and clothing
  • Using Permethrin on clothing
  • The JE vaccine is a two dose series, doses should be 28 days apart.